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A HEALTH COACH, is supportive mentor and wellness authority helping clients feel their best through food & lifestyle changes by tailoring individualized wellness programs to meet their clients needs.

While traditional medical professionals play specific roles in contributing to an individuals overall wellness, the current healthcare model fails to bring about lasting healthy lifestyle changes.
Physicians,nurses,dieticians,nutritionists, and other healthcare professionals serve crucial functions but may not have the time or intent to discuss other factors that prevent clients from carrying out their well intentioned recommendations.
While the role of physician to a patient tends to be authoritative, the ROLE OF HEALTH COACH to a player is more supportive some common areas where a HEALTH COACH may help a client with weight management, food cravings, sleep, energy, stress management and digestion, just to name a few.
HEALTH COACHES, have a strong focus on behavioral choices along with the basic understanding of dietary patterns and overall health, fulfilling an important and distinct role that compliments the tasks of health professionals and works harmoniously to develop strategies that enact real, lasting lifestyle changes.
INHCOACH, do not directly compete with other healthcare providers; rather; they complement all health professionals. help clients develop target goals and a viable plan for carrying out regimens prescribed by their medical professionals as well as enacting basic, health supportive modifications and habits.
By supporting real-world lifestyle and behavioral changes, an INHCOACH play a crucial part in health maintenance, disease prevention, and even disease reversal-supporting the concerted mission of all healthcare professionals to increase health and the quality of life.


Relationships, exercise, career, and spirituality are just as important to your health as food you eat. Health Coaches understand this and take Holistic approach to supporting the WHOLE person.
Nutrition is more than what’s in your plate—so many factors contribute to your health and happiness. taking a holistic approach to life considers the whole person and relationship between, body, mind, and spirit. you get to explore what brings you to balance and helps you thrive.
By helping to identify lifestyle imbalances, receiving the personal attention you deserve and active listening to your everyday life issues and concerns. health coach understands and connects with that.
Health coach will asses clients biochemical individuality body chemistry and nutrition the key to understanding what shapes your health that links the diversity in our anatomy and body chemistry to our unique nutritional needs.
Learn how to balance your life and alkaline whole foods with incredible health benefits to reduce our acidic blood to base 7.36 alkaline.
Its about transformation and recreate your life. awareness, investigation, knowledge, potential, motivation, action, patience, results.